Application of syndromic surveillance

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Internet data, especially search engine queries and social media postings, have shown promise in contributing to syndromic surveillance for in uenza and dengue fever. Here we focus on the recent outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease and ask whether three major sources of Internet data could have been used for early detection of the outbreak and for its ongoing monitoring.

Ebola data from the Internet: An opportunity for syndromic surveillance or a news event?

We analyze queries submitted to the Bing search engine, postings made by people using Twitter, and news articles in mainstream media, all collected from both the main infected countries in Africa and from across the world between November and October Our results indicate that it is unlikely any of the three sources would have provided an alert more than a week before the official announcement of the World Health Organization. Furthermore, over time, the number of Twitter messages and Bing queries related to Ebola are better correlated with the number of news articles than with the number of cases of the disease, even in the most affected countries.

International Journal of Infectious Diseases , , 48, p.

Background: Infectious diseases remain a major public health problem worldwide. Hence, their surveillance is critical. Currently, many surveillance strategies and systems are in use around the world.

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An inventory of the data, surveillance strategies, and surveillance systems developed worldwide for the surveillance of infectious diseases is presented herein, with emphasis on the role of the microbiology laboratory in surveillance. Methods: The data, strategies, and systems used around the world for the surveillance of infectious diseases and pathogens, along with current issues and trends, were reviewed.

La surveillance syndromique : bilan et perspective d’un concept prometteur - ScienceDirect

Results: Twelve major classes of data were identified on the basis of their timing relative to infection, resources available, and type of surveillance. Two primary strategies were compared: disease-specific surveillance and syndromic surveillance. Finally, systems implemented worldwide for the surveillance of infections were registered and briefly described, with a focus on those based on microbiological data from laboratories. Le projet visait a evaluer un programme regional en temps reel, facile a deployer et integre de surveillance des syndromes et a determiner sa capacite de proteger contre les eclosions de maladies gastro-intestinales ou respiratoires longtemps avant les systemes habituels de declaration.

Afin de mettre en oeuvre le systeme, on a modifie le systeme de surveillance des eclosions et des maladies en temps reel RODS de l'Universite de Pittsburgh qui a integre avec succes dans certains systemes de sante publique ou il a ameliore la communication et la collaboration entre ces systemes et les services d'urgence.

Cette communication presente un apercu d'un systeme de surveillance des syndromes base sur le systeme RODS et adapte a une unite de sante publique a Kingston Ontario. Nous resumons les caracteristiques techniques, les considerations relatives a la vie privee et a la securite, la saisie des donnees, la classification et la gestion du cheminement des donnees, le declenchement d'alertes et la reponse des services de sante publique.

Traditional and syndromic surveillance of infectious diseases and ă pathogens

Nous esperons que les modifications decrites ici, y compris l'ajout de cheminements de donnees uniques, produiront un point de comparaison pour de futurs systemes canadiens de surveillance des syndromes. Implementation of an automated, real-time public health surveillance system linking emergency departments and health units: rationale and methodology.

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Authors: Kieran M.

application of syndromic surveillance Application of syndromic surveillance
application of syndromic surveillance Application of syndromic surveillance
application of syndromic surveillance Application of syndromic surveillance
application of syndromic surveillance Application of syndromic surveillance
application of syndromic surveillance Application of syndromic surveillance
application of syndromic surveillance Application of syndromic surveillance

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